MariuZ G19 Winamp App v1.0

The good news: Here is another update :D

The bad news: This is probably the last major update. If you read the changelog, you can see that nearly all changes were just minor changes of existing features and little fixes. I had a lot of fun developing this and while there still might be space for improvement, it now just feels finished to me.

Thanks to everyone supporting me by leaving feedback in the comments below :)


Jump to File now allows scrolling trough up to 99 results
– New setting: UseOKasPlay binds the mediakeys to the lcdkeys
– Better lyrics parser
– And a lot of fixes


MariuZ G19 Winamp App

63 thoughts on “MariuZ G19 Winamp App v1.0”

    1. Hi Jweb,

      is the app enabled in the Logitech Gaming Software?

      Logitech Gaming Software

      Edit: Well obviously it was enabled, if it says “Loading” on the screen :)

  1. Yes it is, I changed to the app and it always says loading doesn’t matter how long I wait it doesn’t go further

  2. Could you please open the config.xml and change LogToDisk to True. Then try to launch the app, go to %AppData%MariuZG19 Winamp App and paste the logs here.

    Win8 should not be the problem, because I am using it myself.

  3. That means the app fails to bind itself to Winamp, but without giving any error. For me it looks like the app just can’t “find” Winamp for some reason.

    You could try a few things like, first starting Winamp then the app and the other way round. Also try starting the app with elevated rights and check if Winamp is installed to the default path. However these are all things the app should handle itself :(

  4. doesn’t help, whats the default path of WinAMP? Maybe theres a problem because I have the logitech on a second HDD, ( I tried the app on both HDD)

  5. C:Program Files (x86)Winamp

    You could also try this old version. That would atleast rule out the changes I made from v0.7 to v1.0.

    However without any error message it’s like finding a needle in a haystack…

  6. First of all, sorry that you have some much trouble with this. I just tested it on a fresh Win8 installation on another machine and it worked for me.

    @Holrandar: Have you tried all I suggested to Jweb? Do the logs also stop at “First draw”?

    @Jweb: One last thing you can try is to download WACC, it’s the library I rely on to get information from Winamp and send commands. You can download the binaries here. Please tell me if the “Launch/Bind” button in the upper right corner works and if you can get information like the current playback state.

  7. Hello,
    Really great application.
    I have one major problem.
    Every time I close Winamp application disappears.
    Even if I restart Winamp application does not restart.

    Also I try to figure out how to enable Lyrics.

  8. @Jweb:
    Yeah that explains a lot. Like I said WACC is a library for “all the Winamp stuff” – unfortunately it hasn’t been updated since 2007. I’ll contact you by mail, because this is no trivial issue I can solve by discussing in the comments.

    Well the app can’t live without Winamp running, so it just quits. If don’t want to start two programms all the time, there is a little trick: delete your shortcut to Winamp and create one to my app instead. It will start Winamp by itself if needed. And about lyrics, there is an explanation in the readme.

  9. Could you please mixed that with disco app but please let us to arrange back color when there is no bass and maybe you will add a feature which winamp visuals can be seen on lcd screen it will really help me come on buddy..

  10. Hi Resinder,

    sorry but I don’t have any plans for such features. Rendering the visuals would need way too much performance.

  11. Thank you :/ By the way I have a problem when i restart computer MariuZ G19 Winamp App is disappear.. I have to run it by manual every time… Is there a solution for that?

  12. I love this app! However, after updating it crashes on startup. =

    Looking at my log file..

    27/03/2013 4:38:16 PM: MariuZ G19 Winamp App v1.0.0.0
    27/03/2013 4:38:16 PM: !!UNHANDLED EXCEPTION!!
    27/03/2013 4:38:16 PM: [Exception] Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

    I have winamp and the app running as admin.

    Ive tried using an older version but it still does the same thing, I tried deleting the appdata folder as well.

    1. @Resinder:
      There is no built-in option for that, however there are a lot of simple ways to do it, e.g. add a shortcut to the autorun-folder. Just google “autostart program windows” and you will be helped :)

      Well seems like my logs just suck. This says as much as “something went wrong while loading”. I’ll send you a special debug version.

  13. @MariuZ
    I’m getting the exact same crash and log as Jeff, It worked fine once, and then every time after that I’ve tried to run it, it ends up with the same issue.

    If you could send me one of those debug versions as well, then atleast you’ll have more info on it.

  14. Hello MariuZ

    First of all thank you for this nice plugin.

    I use it for over a year i think. But now my Avast Antivirus recognizes your program as Win32:Evo-Gen [Susp].
    This occurs with v0.8 and v1.0.

    Maybe you have some ideas to fix this.


  15. Hi stgtroman,

    if you google for Win32:Evo-Gen you find a lot of people complaining about false positives. Like the name clearly states it is only suspicious. Uploading to also shows zero results, even for Avast.

    So you could just tell your Avast to ignore the file/folder.

  16. Hey MariuZ,

    I just wanted to show my appreciation and say thank you for the great work. I have been using your plugin for a long time now and never had any major problems with it.
    Have fun and good luck with your future projects ;)


  17. Hello,

    First off, thanks for this amazing tweak! It’s awesome!
    I have one problem after this update though… When i use ‘jump to file’ it doesn’t always work for me. It happens often that when i select a song it jumps to a random other song and it doesn’t play neither. Any fix? Thanks!

  18. Hi Drieks,

    I rarely encounter the same problem. Could it be this only happens while shuffle is enabled?

  19. Hey Kinz,

    kann eigentlich nicht sein, der Link ist schon seit Ewigkeiten der gleiche – nur die Datei dahinter ändert sich.

    Wenn der Download nach der Weiterleitung nicht automatisch startet schon mal auf das “Otherwise klick >here<" geklickt?

  20. Danke für Deine Rückmeldung. Ja habe ich auch schon.
    Im IE10 bekomme ich diese Meldung:
    Diese Seite kann nicht angezeigt werden.

    •Vergewissern Sie sich, dass die Webadresse stimmt.
    •Suchen Sie die Seite mit Ihrer Suchmaschine.
    •Aktualisieren Sie die Seite in ein paar Minuten.

  21. Just a quick thank you – been using this application a while and it is great :)

    Thank you for making it, and I wish you all success in the future :)

  22. Hey man, great app, any chance you’ll release the source code? I’d learn how to program just to add continuous scroll through lists, that would make this app almost complete IMO.

    1. Hi, sorry but I don’t plan to release the code. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of open source and also like to be able to modify a program to fit my needs. However the code for this project was never intended to be understood my anyone but me and has become quite a mess over the years…

      Could you explain what you mean with “continuous scroll through lists”? Have you tried holding left/right arrow? ;)

  23. Hey, first class app
    I wanted to ask whether it is possible also from other devices logitech lights that change with ?

  24. HI, sorry for late reply. Shame you won’t be releasing code but hey, it is your code after all. And I tried holding left/right and that worked! I always use up/down so never thought of trying left/right. Thanks man!

  25. Habe das vorhin ausversehen unter v0.7.1 gepostet :D

    Habe seit 0.5 diese App und bin bisher sehr zufrieden gewesen ist ein super App die du da auf die Beine gestellt hast :)
    Nur habe ich nun fortlaufend das Problem, dass beim start der App der fehler: “MariuZ G19 Winamp App funktioniert nicht mehr” angezeigt wird.
    Starten der App nach Winamp ebenfalls Erfolglos (WinAmp Pro v5.64).
    Bis 0.7.1 funktionierte alles Problemlos – was könnte dir Fehlerquelle sein (beides wird als Admin ausgeführt)?


  26. Thanks for this awesome app, it really is awesome. It has only one thing that bothers me, it is randomly changing my keyboard color, is there something i can do to it? It would be ok, but it uses plain white, and i dont like it. :/

    1. Hi, that’s not random at all – it tries to match the color of the currently playing album.

      You can disable it in the Config.xml with


      instead of True

  27. Hi there!
    First thing i did after buying the KB was finding this sweet app.
    Thanks alot, lovely app, and good job : )

  28. Ich habe ein kleines Problem entdeckt. Wenn die app laeuft und zwischen den titeln bei winamp gewechselt wird geht bei mir die beleuchtung der tasten einfach aus. ^^ hilfe

  29. Ich hab grad das comment ueber meinem comment gelesen. Cooles feature mit der aenderung der farba anhand des bildes im album. nice

  30. Great applet!! But i have a problem.. Whenever I exit winamp the applet shuts down and i need to restart it manually. Is there a way to have the applet start automatically when i start winamp? Or even better… is there a way i can have the applet stay running even after exiting winamp? Thanks!

  31. @Hawkii:

    Well the app can’t live without Winamp running, so it just quits. If don’t want to start two programms all the time, there is a little trick: delete your shortcut to Winamp and create one to my app instead. It will start Winamp by itself if needed

  32. Hi, First id like to say I love the app! however i seem to have a problem when playing some mp3 files when they play fine without, the app seems to crash the keyboard and logitech gaming software.

    Log file says:

    09/06/2014 08:48:12: Key color: 77 61 255
    09/06/2014 08:48:30: [Exception] The parameter is incorrect
    09/06/2014 08:52:50: [Exiting…]
    09/06/2014 08:52:52: [Exit]


    09/06/2014 09:32:44: Key color: 77 61 255
    09/06/2014 09:32:57: [Device Rearrival]
    09/06/2014 09:32:57: [/Device Rearrival]

    Also i told the config file not to get album art thinking it was something there but it still does anyway.

    can anyone help me fix this please?

  33. Hey MariuZ, would you be open to open sourcing this project, and putting it up on GitHub or something? I’m looking into doing something similar to this, but using SoundCloud’s API. Thanks in advance!

    1. @Tyrael:

      Sorry, but even with additional information I could not recreate your crashes.


      I was asked this before:

      Hi, sorry but I don’t plan to release the code. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of open source and also like to be able to modify a program to fit my needs. However the code for this project was never intended to be understood my anyone but me and has become quite a mess over the years…

  34. Moin moin,
    ich bin anscheinend nicht dazu imsantde, das applet richtig zu installieren :( Kann mir jemand helfen ? Danke schonmal im Vorraus ;)

    1. Hey,
      eigentlich muss man da nichts groß installieren. Du brauchst Windows, Winamp, die Logitech Gaming Software und ne G19 ;)

      Dann den Download in einen Ordner deiner Wahl entpacken und starten. Eventuell muss die App noch in der Gaming Software aktiviert werden:

      Wenn es dann immer noch nicht geht, beschreibe dein Problem bitte genauer.

  35. are there any specific visual redistributable required? just did a fresh install, and the program no longer works, just says MariuZ G19 winamp lcd app stopped working.

    1. also, keep up the good work, still use winamp and this app along with my G19, and will likely continue either until winamp stops working on future versions of windows(unlikely), my g19 dies(unlikely, but more possible), or this program stops working alltogether(somewhat unlikely, but still possible)

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