MariuZ G19 Winamp App v0.3

Update: Version 0.4 has been released!

This app displays a lot of information from Winamp and even lets you control most of the basic features directly from the lcd.


– Displays album art and name of the current song
– Displays and lets you directly control the playback state, playback position, volume, shuffle (on/off) , repeat (all/track/off), equalizer (on/off)
– Scrollable playlist to quickly change songs
– Reads art from ID3 tags or downloads it from
– 2 styles (Normal UI and big album art)
– Everything is “inside” the applet, no external window/icon

And best of all, of what I’m very proud of:

The whole UI and even the keyboard itself will change its color to match the current album art! (can be disabled, but why should you? :D)



MariuZ G19 Winamp App

21 thoughts on “MariuZ G19 Winamp App v0.3”

  1. hello
    works great I use windows 7
    Good job I like just a detail of the visualization could show the spectrum of winamp.

  2. Hey novax1,
    glad you like it :)

    I’m actually already working on that, but it is a bit difficult to read such information from winamp if you’re no C/C++ coder :/

  3. hello again
    the text does not move when it exceeds the space
    forgive my explanation but I have to translate
    I’ll put a picture

    1. No problem, I understand what you mean. If the title of the song is too long it will be cut off at the end.

      This behavior is intended, but I will think about changing it to a slowly scrolling text. Thanks for your suggestions.

  4. hello
    When I open the program for the lyrics fails and then restarts all
    and and installed the minilirycs

  5. I. LOVE. YOU.

    I’ve been searchin for some cool app for ages and now i’ve finally found it. I’ve almost given up.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for the app, it’s great. But I seem to be having a problem with it now.

    Every time I run it (haven’t used regedit it to start it on boot yet) it instantly crashes, stating “MariuZ G19 Winamp App has stopped working.”

    I read in the readme that in can be caused by invalid values in the settings, but I’ve checked and rechecked it. It should be fine. Grateful for any help. ^-^

    1. Hi Magic,

      I have just released a new version with the ability to create logfiles. Please upgrade to v.0.4.7 and send me your logs if it still crashes. For more information read the new “Bug report” section of the readme.

  7. Great job this app will definetly stay 24/7 on my G19 screen!!
    Very happy with the it!! just installed it and couldn’t use it without saying thanx!
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work!!

  8. Hi,

    Love the app, 2 questions tho :

    1 : is it possible to have it so that when I play My Radio Station it will show My Stations logo ?

    2: is it possible have the key colors change on say like bass through the equalizer, so it looks like the keyboard is like a equalizer ( from green to red example)instead on when it changes track? ( would be nice to not have to use script since currently all the scripts I tried failed….)

  9. Hi ChaosRay666,

    sorry while those sound like interesting features I have to say no to both of them.

    1: I’m not really sure how that should even work, you would have to stream the logo embed in the ID3 tags while streaming or something like that. I still wouldn’t know how get the metadata from a stream to display it

    2: At least from the number of youtube videos there seem to be working scripts/apps. However it would only work if I rewrote mine to be a plugin for winamp instead of a stand-alone application. Which I currently do not plan.

  10. Ive been waiting for a plugin like this since I bought my G19!

    This is fantastic work, thanks so much for making this!

  11. Hey I wanted to say that i really like your plugin, but i don’t know where to put it.
    I download it and then it works flawlessly but the next day it’s gone, so in which directory should i put it? in Winamp Plugins or in Logitech folder?

    thanks in advance for replying,


  12. you are AWESOME, the 4th one I tried, they all sucked, yours worked point blank and got album art from the internet in a split second. thanks so much! G19

  13. Hi MariuZ! This plugin is amazing, but… I have a little problem. Every time the song changes, the memorized color change to white. The other macros and configurations remain the same, but the color. Thus, i switch to M2 and then back to M1, recovering the memorized color (i.e., blue), but again when the song changes, M1 color changes to white :(

    Thanks in advance!

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