G19 mIRC Plugin v1.0

I finished my first G19 Plugin :)


It allows you to display any information from mIRC on your LCD. It even supports multi-color o/

As the script parsing the messages to the .dll is written in MSL (mIRC Scripting Language) it is highly custumizable.


– Filter which messages you want to show (e.g only from a special channel)
– The font, size and colors are configurable
– Supports multi-color, you could use a diffrent color for every channel
– Highlight (sets app as foreground)
– Text can be scrolled with the cursorbuttons (up/down)


G19 mIRC Plugin


There may be problems while installing the plugin. If you get the error
No such Com ‘g19′ open read the comments of this post for help.

I also created a alternative configuration more suitable for users on only a single channel (e.g. Twitch chat): Download here and replace your g19.mrc while mIRC is closed

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    1. In theory yes, however it’s not so easy. You have to write a custom script or plugin for that client, which calls the appropriate functions in my .dll

      An example in mSL is included, but only mIRC understands this scripting language.

  1. Hi, thanks for this scrpit, I really wanted one, Is it easy to use left/right keys to show messages of one channel? Thanks ^^

    1. By configuring the script you can filter which channels to display and give them indivual colors, but multiple views are not supported.

      The plugin is intended to inform you of important messages like querys or highlights and not to replace your whole client :)

    1. Hi Miku,

      sorry but my plugins only work with a G19. As far is I know there are enough monochrome plugins available.

  2. Hey,

    tried running your plugin, but all I get is “No such Com ‘g19’ open”.
    Windows is installed on C: and all versions of .NET are installed as well.

    I’m running 64bit Win7, mIRC 7.22 and I’m using the Logitech Gaming Software v8.20.74

    Hope you can help me out since I’d really like to run your plugin

    1. Hi Jejuni,

      sorry to hear that. Please try this in the command line:

      c:/windows/microsoft.net/framework/v4.0.30319/regasm.exe [full path to G19_mIRC_Plugin.dll]

      In most of the cases there was a problem registering the assembly with COM

  3. Hey MriuZ,

    thanks for the answer, I finally got it to work! Pretty sweet plugin.

    The reason it didn’t work in the first place, as far as I can see, is because it called on regasm.exe without having administrator level clearance. So regasm.exe just popped up for a second, produced an error and disappeared again.
    Using your method and running regasm as an administrator and then running mIRC as an administrator to install the plugin finally solved the problem.

    1. Hey Jejuni,

      thanks for your feedback, this sounds like a reasonable explanation. I’m glad you got it to run now and like it :)

  4. Hi i have the same Problem with Windows 7 and Net 4.
    I tried running your plugin, but all I get is “No such Com ‘g19′ open.
    I put the line “c:/windows/microsoft.net/framework/v4.0.30319/regasm.exe [full path to G19_mIRC_Plugin.dll]” into the cmd put i have an error spells — RA0000.

    I dont know why so please let me know if you can help me.

    THX Patrick

    1. Hi Patrick,
      you have to replace [full path to G19_mIRC_Plugin.dll] with your path to it.

      To get the full path start mIRC and execute this command in the status window:
      //echo -a $mircdir $+ g19_pluginG19_mIRC_Plugin.dll

      The final command for cmd.exe should then the look something like this:
      c:/windows/microsoft.net/framework/v4.0.30319/regasm.exe C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingmIRCg19_pluginG19_mIRC_Plugin.dll

      If you still have problems feel free to ask again. Note that I also give support in German ;)

  5. the app causes mirc to crash whenever it starts up maybe it has something to do with logitechs update?

  6. @MariuZ

    After execute the regasm.exe , I have “Types registered successfully” message.
    But after install g19 plugin I have again “No such Com ‘g19’ open”
    I can t find where is the problem :(

    PS: in your readme.txt, part uninstallation; I think the option is -ru

    1. Hey Vaad,

      yeah there is a typo in the readme, it should be “/unload -rs”.

      Try it in this order: install, exit mirc, execute rgasm, open mirc

  7. @MariuZ

    Hi – thx for answer
    No more success :/

    I have : start mirc, uninstall, exit mirc, start mirc, install, exit mirc, execute regasm, start mirc => same ‘no such com ‘g19′ open’ … exit mirc, execute regasm , start mirc => same message …
    I will go mad ! :D
    Same when “execute as adminitrator”

    My OS is Vista 64 SP2 – all is up to date
    mIrc is 7.22
    Logitech is 8.20.74


  8. I have to say this: THANK YOU MariuZ! :D
    This is so great app!

    At first i had the same problem, “no such com g19 open (line 97)”.
    But i got it resolved the way Jejuni described above:
    “Using your method and running regasm as an administrator and then running mIRC as an administrator to install the plugin finally solved the problem.”
    And the mIRC plugin appeared at the LCD Display.

    Thank You

  9. Hi

    I have a problem with ur app, I get an error when i past “/load -rs g19_plugin/g19.mrc” in to the status windows saying “-RS Unknown command”

  10. it does not work, I have followed the steps and everything went well but he will not let the applet on my G19

    1. Nice to see this is still used :)

      The plugin itself (not the script you edited) is hardcoded to always add an newline after each message. I have no idea why it did not work in the first line in the screenshot. The newline in the last message appears because it tries to fit the link into a readable form.

      You could add an empty line between messages to make it more readable. The first line sends an empty message to the display, which results in a newline character.

      g19text %g19.color3
      g19text %g19.color3 $nick > $1-

  11. Yes I love this plugin… i was gonna get rid of my keyboard because I was not able to use it for this reason and the was no support for this keyboard… but I have found this very useful…. I have edited the script to fit my needs including adding different colors for my mods on my live stream… I have not removed any copyright info just made minor changes

    1. Yeah feel free to modify the script, the included script is just an example how it could be used. You can even define more than three colors, however you can only have one color per line.

    1. Yes this is possible, the related events are JOIN, PART and QUIT. You need both part and quit to be notified when someone leaves.

      Here is an example:

      on *:JOIN:#: {
      if ($me != $nick) {
      g19text %g19.color1 $nick has joined $chan

  12. Hello

    I too am getting the no such com error as others have above.

    I’m running Windows 10 x64, I’ve tried running the commands above which complete successfully, I’ve then tried various combinations of that and installing/uninstalling and running mIRC as administrator etc but I’m still getting the error.

    I wonder if there’s anything else I can try?


    1. those on w10 etc.. if you right click on the .dll files you’ll see most are ‘blocked’ as they came from ‘another computer’ unblock them, run the register and it works.

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