G19 mIRC Plugin v1.0

I finished my first G19 Plugin :)


It allows you to display any information from mIRC on your LCD. It even supports multi-color o/

As the script parsing the messages to the .dll is written in MSL (mIRC Scripting Language) it is highly custumizable.


– Filter which messages you want to show (e.g only from a special channel)
– The font, size and colors are configurable
– Supports multi-color, you could use a diffrent color for every channel
– Highlight (sets app as foreground)
– Text can be scrolled with the cursorbuttons (up/down)


G19 mIRC Plugin


There may be problems while installing the plugin. If you get the error
No such Com ‘g19′ open read the comments of this post for help.

I also created a alternative configuration more suitable for users on only a single channel (e.g. Twitch chat): Download here and replace your g19.mrc while mIRC is closed